Dr. Jess Morrice had been working as part of a health center team that included various specialists. Driven by her dream of focusing on animal chiropractic work, particularly for horses, she decided to open her own practice.

However, she faced significant challenges, primarily concerning how to effectively launch her business and attract enough clients through Google search, beyond word-of-mouth recommendations.

To achieve her goal of running a full-time private practice, Dr. Jess connected with the Novella Creative Co. team.


Our goal was to help Dr. Jess establish a strong brand presence and create a website that would attract and convert her target audience: horse owners who deeply care about their animals’ performance, health, and well-being.

Our Work

Brand Strategy and Development

We crafted a compelling narrative for Dr. Jess’s practice using Donald Miller’s Brand Story format. The brand story highlighted her expertise and passion for animal chiropractic care, emphasizing her commitment to enhancing the health and performance of horses. It also positioned her as the guide and placed her target audience as the hero of the story.

Once we understood the project’s direction, we broke it into steps and got to work. First, we created a detailed sitemap and chose a strategy for the build. We decided on a “values relate to services” approach to leverage keywords in our messaging and highlight Main Street Engineering’s strong core values and unique approach.

Target Audience

The primary audience consisted of horse owners who view their animals as integral parts of their lifestyle, not just for performance but also for companionship and relaxation. These individuals are deeply connected to their horses and are keen on ensuring their optimal health and performance.

Logo and Visual Identity

We developed three logo concepts and presented them to Dr. Jess for feedback. After a thorough discussion, we selected a simplified text-based logo that resonated with her and aligned with industry standards. The chosen font and colour scheme reflected Dr. Jess’s personality. It appealed to her target audience as we ensured it aligned with other brands her audience would have a positive opinion of. While she has since updated to a more detailed logo, the initial design effectively launched her practice.

Designing the Website

We designed the website on WordPress, selecting an optimized theme to ensure speed and accessibility. Key elements included:

  • Clear navigation to guide users through her services and booking process.
  • Engaging copy leveraging the brand story builds trust and connects with the audience.
  • Strategic use of colours and visuals to reinforce the brand’s identity.
Optimization and Performance

To ensure the website’s performance, we installed optimization plugins and adhered to best practices, keeping the site builder simple and efficient. Post-launch, the website quickly ranked highly for local searches related to “horse chiropractor” and “animal chiropractor.”


The launch of Dr. Jess’s brand and website was a success. The strategic branding and effective web design enabled her to establish a full-time practice, attract a steady flow of clients through online searches, and build a strong reputation in her field.

Through a well-crafted brand story, strategic visual identity, and optimized web design, we helped Dr. Jess turn her dream of running a private animal chiropractic practice into reality. This case study highlights the importance of cohesive branding and digital strategy in achieving business goals and connecting with the right audience.


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