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But first, Strategy.

Understand Marketing

Every Organization Deserves a Marketing Strategy

We join your organization and assist in making critical marketing decisions around tactics and strategy. We assist in managing marketing plans, taking care of every step from planning, researching, and executing effective strategies for your brand. You don’t need to make difficult decisions alone, you don’t need to guess what tactics to try and you don’t need to be everywhere. You need a plan and someone to advocate for it from start to finish.

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Marketing Philosophy

Marketers Must Understand Context

Marketers must understand your business’s unique context to offer solutions. This is why we begin with research, getting to know your business well enough to make informed recommendations and craft a marketing strategy to fit your brand.

Every organization deserves a marketing plan; you may think marketing plans are only for big companies, but they’re not. They are essential for trying new things and finding the marketing functions that work for you and help drive key results for your organization.

Our Values

Big Picture Marketing

It’s tempting to focus in on the fun, creative videos, graphics, web tricks and so on while missing the big picture. When we develop strategy or discuss ideas for your brand we need to keep the big picture in mind. This includes looking at business objectives, budgets, long-term projects, the current organization makeup and everything we might miss if we are zoomed in on the one thing we’re working on.

Honest Advice

I have worked with many marketeers and sat in many meetings and have learned a valuable lesson: honesty is always best. I’m committed to speaking up for what’s right (even when it’s not what’s easiest) and getting you to your goals as fast and efficiently as possible. This means we look at nibble marketing plans, flexible contracts and arrangements, out-of-the-box solutions and clear communication.

Elegant Creative

As algorithms and artificial intelligence speed up digital advertising, testing and strategy, one thing has remained the same: great creative wins. Delivering unique pieces that tell your brand story concisely and engage with your target audience is essential to marketing success.

Intentional Collaboration

I work alongside your team as we work together to create the best marketing for your brand. Your team has the most accurate picture of who your audience is, and how your business works and this information is critical for good marketing. I actively pursue working collaboratively with your team and other professional experts, always with the same goal in mind; How do we do what’s best for your brand and support you in achieving your business objectives?