Our Social Media Marketing Philosophy

We believe that social media marketing packages don’t work, because one size does not fit all. Every small business is unique and faces its own specific challenges. We believe in omnichannel marketing: creating an integrated and seamless marketing strategy across various channels. Your customer needs to interact with your brand 7 different times before they choose you. Those 7 touch-points need to tell a constant story, with the same voice and style. This is why your social media marketing must match the rest of your brands’ efforts.


Social Media Content Creation

We pursue authentic storytelling through elegant content creation.

Beginning with your business’s core values, goals we’ll develop a storyboard or detailed content brief informed by our knowledge, current trends and best practices. We use collaborative tools to align your vision and goals with our creators that aligns you and develop a storyboard to align our creators with your vision.

Beginning with your business’s core values, goals we’ll develop a storyboard or detailed content brief informed by our knowledge, current trends and best practices. We use collaborative tools to align your vision and goals with our creators to ensure success and eliminate surprises.

With years of experience and knowledge of industry standards and current social media marketing trends, we create content through:

Graphic design, videography, photography, podcasts and much more.

Why use Novella Creative Co. for social media marketing content creation?

Our agile team has a unique set of skills that allows us to consider your marketing goals and plan at the point of creation. What this means is, we’re marketeers first, the videos we make for you will move you towards your goals and fit within current trends.


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a natural extension of your organic efforts and the best way to drive a desired action by a user. Use social media advertising to bring users to your site, sell them products or sign them up as lead for your sales funnel or email marketing.

We leverage historical data, Pixel data, your CRM, marketing trends, retargeting and other data-centred strategies to run competitive campaigns and set up paid advertising that makes sense for your business. This means we pay attention to cost per acquisition, lifetime value and metrics that relate to the success of your marketing. Not just big numbers that look good.

With a flexible approach, we can leverage your own creative, work with your team and either run ongoing campaigns or one-time promotions.

Platforms we work with:

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google and Influencer Platforms.

Use Novella Creative Co. from the campaign


Social Media Strategy

You know what you want to do. You have your clear business goals, but you don’t know how to fit social media marketing into it … you need a social media strategy.

Beginning with your business goals and reviewing your marketing plan, our team will build a strategy for your social media. We will use online tools for research, data revision and getting to know your business while sharing key insights and industry knowledge to build a dedicated social media marketing strategy.

Why use Novella Creative Co. to build your social media strategy?

Everyone a part of Novella has both strategic and technical marketing skills. The same people who discuss strategy with you will also be on the ground developing your content. We never lose sight of your business goals.


Content Calendar

Working integratively with your team, Novella Creative Co. creatives develop a content calendar for your team to execute. We use industry knowledge and trends as well as your social media marketing plan to create a calendar that will move towards your goals. And if you’re a team of just you, we can coach you on what to post and how to create it.

A flexible group, we can work within the tools your team uses or onboarding

A flexible group, we can work with the tools your team already uses or onboard everyone to one of our preferred project management tools.

Each month our data analyst will review the success of the calendar’s content and make suggestions for changes to experiment with. The goal is month-over-month gains in key performance indicators.

We leverage Iconosquare, a social media posting and data tool, to schedule content ahead of time at key moments in the day and key days throughout the month.


Website Design and Analytics

We build websites on WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. We build sites informed by keyword research and branding. This means your online presence represents your authentic story in a discoverable way.

If you’re starting from scratch, congratulations! And no problem! We can work with you to develop a logo, branding and messaging so your site converts.

We allow revisions along the way and keep you up to date as your project progresses. No surprises and you always know what’s going on.

We believe using keywords and proper branding is the way to build your presence online – and our team can help you do it all.

Once your site is launched we will set-up Google analytics for you and teach you how to analyse your data.


Online Community Coaching and Social Media Listening

Active engagement goes beyond responding to DMs. Brands today need to engage with targeted social media users and show up where they’re active online.

Knowing what people are saying about you online allows you to intercept negative comments and turn customers into influencers with positive interactions.

Our team can handle engagement for you or teach you how to do it. With dedicated tools like Iconosquare, it’s easier than ever to own the online word-of-mouth game than ever.

Transforming social media marketing so that it looks good and makes sense for your growing business.